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Опыт работы

Assistant/Office Manager (50%)
с 01.08.2012 по 01.08.2016
Швейцария, Женева

• Organised business trips (booked flights, hotels, restaurants, prepared travel itineraries). • Answered phone calls and received messages • Liaised with clients, suppliers, and shipping companies • Kept clients’ records up to date. • Translated requests into Russian or English when needed. • Sorted out and distributed incoming and outgoing post. • Chased orders and prepared invoices Director’s contact details: (Hicham Etter) + 41 76 471 11 23 [email protected]

Secondary School 29
English Language Teacher
с 01.09.2009 по 01.02.2012
Российская Федерация, Калининград

• Taught English as a foreign language to pupils aged 8-12 years old. • Prepared lesson plans and conducted lessons encompassing four areas of language learning: speaking, writing, reading, and listening. • Organised extracurricular language reunions for pupils with low performance. • Corrected children’s homework and examination papers. Colleague’s contact details: (Oksana Ushakova) +789062133547 [email protected]

Newspaper “South region” (50%)
Advertising/Office Manager
с 01.09.2007 по 01.06.2009
Российская Федерация, Армавир

• Maintained relationships with regular clients and built up new relationships through cold calls, negotiations, and effective follow-up. • Presented the information about the newspaper’s advertised space to potential clients. • Established client’s confidence, demonstrating the product’s value and benefits. • Sketched advertising designs according to the client’s preferences and forwarded them to the designer. Editor in Chief’s contact details: (Andrey Lazarev) +7-86137-33613, +79284180917; [email protected]


Fribourg University
Магистр английского языка и литературы
Магистр английского языка и литературы, Очная
с 01.02.2012 по 01.11.2016
Швейцария, Фрибур,

Studying at Fribourg University has left only bright memories in my mind. The study programme covered all major fields of Anglophone literature from England and the States, English linguistics, and the historical forms of the English language from Beowulf to the English we use today. Close attention was paid to writing skills and an interdisciplinary approach was a key aspect of the work. I had an opportunity to read old and medieval English plays, do linguistic fieldwork in cognitive linguistics, study English fiction, discover the rich intellectual world of the English and European Renaissance, and much more that that...

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